Author: Monika Nowaczyk

Sustainable toys

International Women’s Day 2022

International Women’s Day 2022: Celebrating Cambodian Women This year’s International Women’s Day theme is “gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow,” and here at Beebee+Bongo we want to honour, and credit, the incredible women that make our products through our production partners in Cambodia. We carefully choose who we work with and seek out partners… continue reading

Water Buffalo Toy

EU Value Added Tax

This is a quick informational note for our dear European buyers. Since July 1 2021, an import VAT (Value Added Tax) is charged on all goods entering EU member states, regardless of the value of the shipment. Previously, shipments valued at less than €22 were exempt from VAT. What this means for you, dear shopper,… continue reading

crochet little ladybugs fairtrade plastic free toy

9+ ways to learn with Little Ladybugs

Our Little Ladybugs are a plastic-free toy that you can use and adapt to learning at different stages of development with your growing child. From their earliest days, babies are taking in the world around them, firing up the neurons in their growing brains. As they transition into toddler-hood they begin to experiment through play… continue reading

Ethically made toys

10+ ways to use our Rainbow Set for Skills Development

From the earliest days of their tiny lives, babies are observing and taking in the world, neurons firing away, making connections and growing their brains. As they grow, they start reaching for objects, delight in new sounds and textures, and begin to experiment through play. From early activities building hand-eye coordination for a young baby,... continue reading