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Ethically made toys

Not only are our toys eco-friendly and cute as heck, through our on-the-ground partners, we are helping to create fair flexible employment for Cambodian women and break the cycle of generational poverty.

The journey to eco and ethical. 

Creating toys that are good for the earth— and good for your soul—didn’t happen overnight. It began by seeing a need in a village, and took years of hard work (and playing around) to bring these high-quality, kid-approved, ethically made toys into your hands.  

Montessori matching game (3)
fairly made artisan making montessori matching game

Partnerships for transformation.

Each Beebee+Bongo product is carefully handmade by the artisan women of Cambodia Knits, a provisional member of  WFTO. Women across 10 communities have fair, flexible employment, education stipends for their children. Together we’re working to create even more jobs for positive community transformation.

Getting these products into your hands means getting money directly into the hands of producers.

Supporting women.

Sustainable employment is critical for breaking the cycle of poverty. Many women in Cambodia still have the burden of housework and childcare, or lack the skills and education for formal employment.


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Given economic opportunities, women invest their incomes into the health, education and futures of their families.

Tiffany Tsang

How we got here.

In the early 2000s, Monika was working for an international NGO in the remote villages of northern Cambodia and realized that what these women needed most was a reliable source of income.

By teaching them to knit and crochet toys, women could earn an income from home—on their time, and their schedule.

Taking it global. 

When COVID hit, Monika teamed up with Micheal to establish Beebee+Bongo—an eco-friendly and ethically made toy company—that could bring the beautiful products of Cambodia Knits to the world, and continue to provide sustainable income for local artisans. 


Play. Learn. Love. Do good 🙂

People Friendly
People Friendly
We believe in putting people before profits. That’s how we get great products to great people.
Being good to the planet informs our design, our sourcing and our processes. We are always working on decreasing our footprint.
Child Friendly
Child Friendly
Our toys and educational products are created with the development needs of children in mind.


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