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Fair, flexible employment.

Many Cambodian women lack the education or skills to enter the formal workplace, or have the burden of housework and childcare. Being a knitter or crocheter allows these women to earn a fair wage working from home on their schedule. 

Safe to chew on.

All of our materials are safety tested for toxins, flammability, and choking hazards. 

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Kind to the planet.

Knitting and crochet is low or zero-waste by nature, and our stuffing is made from recycled PET bottles. We continuously strive to improve our materials and supply chain to be as eco-friendly as possible. 


As all our items are handmade, please expect some variation in size and design. Each of our handcrafted items is unique, which really is a wonderful thing.

Approximately 20cm tall and 100 grams.

All prices listed in USD.


Wash on gentle cycle in cool or lukewarm water. Lay flat to dry or tumble dry on lowest heat setting. Do not bleach. Do not iron.

Composition: 60% cotton/40% milk fibre – 100% new polyester fill made form recycled PET bottles.

13 reviews for Bongo the Water Buffalo Toy

  1. Lex

    We love our Bongo! Our boys carry him in their doll carriers and he’s made well enough to stand up to all three of them!!

  2. Rosie

    Bongo always has pride of place on my shelf. i love this water buffalo so much, it will always remind me of Cambodia even if I ever leave…which is unlikely. It’s probably time to add a moose to my collection so Bongo has a friend.

  3. Miriam

    We love our water buffalo! We have already a few other toys from the collection and that’s the latest addition.

  4. Erin

    I have both Bongo & Beebee…. & no children. They were too cute to resist. The products are well-made, creative, & I love that local women can support their families while working in nice environments when they knit the toys. I also love how environmentally concious the brand is.

  5. Jewel Romdenh

    My son loves his Bongo stuffy! He’s made very well (high quality) and has endured much throwing, flying, falling, and pulling. He was pretty firm at first, but has gotten softer over time.

  6. Jenna

    I love my Bongo! He is always going on adventures with my doggo. They take naps together on the couch and watch butterflies and birds in the yard together. Bongo is well made and loved in this home. He’d make a great friend for any child, adult, or even a doggo. Thank you!

  7. Jenny Roberts

    I adore Bongo. I wanted it for myself as much as for my son! It’s always front and centre on his toy shelf. Fantastic long lasting quality and a beautiful toy. We have a few products from Beebee and Bongo and this is a favourite

  8. Dave saxby

    We have both Bongo and Beebee and love them! They’re made exceptionally well and our two boys certainly put that to the test!
    They have loads of personality and when they’re not in rotation of the kids’ “toy of the week”, they still make me smile sitting up on the toy shelf – until they get swept up in another game.

  9. Steve C

    Our kids love their Bong the water buffalo. He is often chosen as a nap-time companion, and thus also becomes a muse for story-time, making appearances as the hard-working and reliable friend from the rice fields.

  10. Abdulmoti (verified owner)

    Beautiful product, environmentally friendly, I love the texture, super quality. I will definitely order again. The best gift a child can get.

  11. Riz (verified owner)

    Super cheerful, well knit and solid. Looks like they will stand the test of daily (and rough) use! Arrived this morning and already been taken out on the day’s adventures by the kids 🙂 Glad to have a piece of Cambodia Knits at home. Brings back memories of earlier days. Fully recommend.

  12. Linda (verified owner)

    Bongo and Bebee are so nice that I never even gave them to my nieces, I decided to keep them for myself and let them play with them when they are visiting me 🙂 They are super cute and inviting the girls to play with them. It also feels great to support women in Cambodia and buying high-quality products, thank you so much for this opportunity!

  13. Kikey

    Such wonderful gifts. I bought them for expecting parents and It feels great to share something I know has so many positive impacts and was uniquely made for there new baby. Absolutely love the beautiful water Buffalo and all this company stands for! Thank you!

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