12 reviews for Rainbow Stacking Bowls+Balls

  1. Amy

    We have had this gorgeous set for a fee years now. Its held up beautiful through the hands of three different toddlers and it still looks like new. Our 6 year old has as much fun using the bowls for cooking as our two year old does for hiding little treasures. Makes a great gift and supports women and their families.

  2. Tess

    Perfect gift my daughter loves it.

  3. Anaïs Pagès-Peeters

    Awesome toy. My daughter has been playing with it since she has learned how to use her hands. Now she’s 2 and she still finds endless uses for them.

  4. Miriam

    Great, versatile toy. It can be a hat, a cooking pot or anything else you can think of. Both by 2 and 5 year olds play with it regularly!

  5. Jenny

    This toy just keeps on giving! As a baby it was great to have something safe for our son to wrap his hands around and chew on; now as a toddler he dinds enless enjoyment putting the balls in and out of the cups and bag. Even our four year old still enjoys borrowing to play skittles or catch the balls in the cups! It’s a great lightweight toy to throw into the change bag as a distraction to take out and about.

  6. Nanda

    These are such a gorgeous and fun alternative to the plastic stacking cups. We’ve loved ours and have given it as gifts to several little friends who have all loved it.

  7. G – Galeno Chua

    Our boys……..LOVE it! Highly recommend it – also serves as a great gift.
    We’ve been teaching them about colour in our mother tongues (Polish and Chinese) and we’ve noticed how the bright colours and soft material really disarm our boys when they play with it.
    (Also doesn’t hurt when they chuck it as opposed to everything else)

  8. Steve C

    Our 5-year old son and 4-year old daughter love this set. It is used regularly in all manners of their play, and has held up well over the year in which we have had it. I’d give this 6 stars if I could.

  9. Giulia

    This is my favorite beebee and bongo toy – my daughter LOVED it from 10 months on. Now at 2 and half she wears the cups as hats or uses them as bowls for her doll tea parties.

  10. Kate

    I love these toys! The stacking bowls are my go-to gifts for new babies and toddlers all around the world. They are incredibly well-made and beautiful. Bravo Beebee & Bongo team!

  11. Deanna

    Both my grandson and my great-nephew have received the stacking set from me, and both love it!

  12. Cassie

    These gorgeous stacking bowls and balls are so much fun! My one year old loves to play with them all day long and I love that she is perfecting her fine motor skills, learning about colors counting, matching, patterns and so much more. These toys are so well made and I just love that this shop gives back with every purchase made. Truly amazing all around!

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The Perfect Plastic Free Toy for all Ages!

This amazing plastic free toy, a colourful stacking and nestling bowls set comes with 6 bowls and 6 balls, in lovely rainbow shades. These provide so many play opportunities for your developing child. You can let your child explore with her hands and grasp the bowls to pile them on top of each other. Great for teaching motor skills, shapes and colour identification. This activity fosters hand-eye coordination too! Children can build a tower of the bowls, which requires balance and coordination.

An organization committed to social impact

At CK we believe women have the power to break the intergenerational cycles of poverty, to contribute to their communities and change the world. Given economic opportunities, women invest their incomes into the health, education and futures of their families. However, many women in Cambodia face constraints in finding and keeping paid employment. We work within the constraints women face to provide fair, flexible employment and to support them to challenge those constraints.

Our products not only support our producers with fair, flexible employment, but each sale contributes to an education fund for the children of our producers. We also provide our producers with emergency health support, annual eye testing, interest free loans in emergencies and soft skills training in topics such as personal financial management so they can make the most of their incomes.

Purchasing one of our products is a double whammy of goodness: you get a great product and you support women’s empowerment.

About this product:

100% handmade with love

60% cotton/40% acrylic

100% new polyester stuffing

Care instructions: Machine wash at medium temperature; tumble dry on a low setting

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