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Fair, flexible employment.

Many Cambodian women lack the education or skills to enter the formal workplace, or have the burden of housework and childcare. Being a knitter or crocheter allows these women to earn a fair wage working from home on their schedule. 

Safe to chew on.

All of our materials are safety tested for toxins, flammability, and choking hazards. 

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Kind to the planet.

Knitting and crochet is low or zero-waste by nature, and our stuffing is made from recycled PET bottles. We continuously strive to improve our materials and supply chain to be as eco-friendly as possible. 

3 reviews for Little Ladybugs

  1. Miriam

    Very well made, cute toy, which my kids enjoy playing with. The best part is that all the little ones fit in the big one, so there is endless taking out and putting back in!

  2. Margaret N.

    Is there a better way to learn numbers than with the dots on the backs of ladybugs? If there is, I don’t know it!

  3. Coralie

    My daughter loves her ladybugs, bringing it everywhere, telling stories, putting in and out the little ones…
    The best part is that she learns as she plays and for a very long time. We learn colors at the moment and one day we will count, do math and memory games… This is a timeless educational toy that I warmly recommend for every family.

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